Get these 4WDs off the beach

Last year, we posted a first video showing that there were too many four wheel drives (4WDs) on South Ballina Beach. Eight months later, this clip presents further evidence against 4WDs on the beach. This sort of activity is happening every weekend.

The 4WDs problem is fundamentally a land management issue and not a policing issue. There is no point in punishing individual drivers for misbehaving because there are thousands of them and they will keep coming. The best solution is to LOCK THE BEACH.

6 thoughts on “Get these 4WDs off the beach

  1. I’ve often wondered why 4wds for non work reasons are still permitted on our beaches.
    I’m happy to see this being addressed in the media at last.
    If one wanted to visit, fish or just enjoy the beach one can park and walk.
    Cars don’t belong on the beach.


    1. Punish one and ten more will misbehave. There is an unsustainable demand growth for free beach driving and camping. The NPWS have tried enforcement in Broadwater NP and have evidently failed to control 4WDs. What many people want is beaches for people, not 4WDs.


  2. I understand what you are saying, however, responsible use of 4wd to travel on the beach has limited issues. Noosa to rainbow beach and Fraser Island manage this situation and it works. Locking peolple out only penalises the responsible and lets the few irresponsible get away with there behaviour.


    1. I understand that people enjoy driving on the beach and would like to continue doing so. I disagree that management of beach driving in SE Queensland works. I’ve been to the two beaches mentioned. There was too much traffic, driving at 80 km/h (which was the speed limit). It’s not safe for kids to run free on the beach. Plus, the documented evidence for negative environmental impacts is considerable, e.g. research by Schlacher (Sunshine Coast University) and others. Read this for a start:
      The fundamental problem is too many vehicles. The good old days are history.


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